Winter 2023, CS 114, Principles of Computing for Science

The Winter 2023 term offering of the course will be delivered in-person.

Many details are in the Course Outline or in Learn.

Configuring Jupyter

We will be using Jupyter extensively in this course. We will discuss how to get started in Jupyter in class, and you can refer to the course textbook.

The link below will Once you have logged in to Jupyter, switch to the _NetDrives/uw/student/ directory. Then copy and paste the following incantation into Jupyter, and run it. (Include everything, even the exclamation mark.)


This will download a file called module-01-start.ipynb. Open this file, and run it by clicking the ⏩ button. This will install the check module that we will use throughout the term. It also gives you a place to start working on exercises in class.