CS 116: Introduction to Computer Science 2

Setting up Python and Wing 101 at Home

Instructions for Mac Users

If you are using a Windows operating systerm, click here.

0 Click on the apple logo on the top right corner , then "About This Mac" to check the version of your operating system. The current version is only compatible with OS X / macOS 10.12+. Please update your mac if you are using a system older than 10.12, to make sure you can use Wing 101 IDE.

1 Go to the Python Download page, which is located at https://www.python.org/downloads. You should see the following on the top of the page.
Python 3 still needs to be installed, even though Python 2 should already be installed.

2 Click the button that says Download Python3.7.2. It should immediately start a download of Python. If you are redirected to another page, scroll all the way to the bottom and choose the download option that matches your Mac version.
3 Double click the file you have downloaded to install Python 3.7.2. It should open up an installation window like this one:

You can follow the default settings for the installation.
4 Now, you will be guided through the Wing IDE v7 installation process. Wing 101 is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Dr.Racket. It allows you to write and run code in one program. Go to the Wing IDE v7 download page, which is located at http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide-101. Make sure it says that this is the free version of Wing.

5 Press the green button on the right-hand side of the page to download the installer.

6 Double click the DMG file you have downloaded. The following will show up:

Follow the arrow to drag Wing101 to the Applications folder. It might take a few minutes to finish copying.
7 Open Wing101 from the Applications folder. For the first time you open Wing101, the following warning will be shown:

Click Open to open the application and this warning will not show up again.
You may also choose Keep in Dock for future convenience.
8 You will now be guided through the process of configuring Python 3.7.2 on Wing 101 v7.
Go to Edit -> Configure Python. It will open up a window like this:

Select the Custom option circled in red. (Do not click on any other button as you are about to find the location of the Python Executable.)
9 You will now be guided to find the location of the Python Executable.

Open up Terminal on your mac.

There are two ways to open Terminal:
(1) The location of Terminal is usually: Applications/Utilities/Terminal. You may find the exact location and open it.
(2) Using Spotlight Search (the magnifying glass icon on the top-right corner of the menu bar) to search for Terminal on your Mac and then open it.
10 After opening Terminal, type which python3 on the command line (as following) and then press Enter.

The location of Python Executable will be shown on a separate line after pressing Enter, as highlighted in the following image:

Copy the highlighted line.
Note that you may or may not have a different address than the one in the demo image.
11 Go back to Wing101 and paste the address under Custom option, as circled in red in the following image. Then, click Apply.

The following warning will show up, then click Restart.

12 To double-check your Python set-up, open a new file and type print("Hello World") in the top window. Then, save your file somewhere on your computer! Then press on the green arrow button in the tool bar at the top to run the program. If you don't save your file, the green arrow button will be gray and you will not be able to press it!!!

Hello World should show up in the Python Shell at the bottom.

If you have any questions or if your installation doesn't work correctly, please go to ISA office hours or email us at cs116@uwaterloo.ca.

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