Final Assessment Details

The Final Assessment will be released on Crowdmark.

You can begin working on the assessment at any time. Once you begin, you must complete and submit your work within 4 hours.



From Module 01 to the end of Module 17, with an emphasis on material covered since the midterm.


Similar to the midterm. You will again have to submit an Academic Declaration Statement for this assessment.

Allowed Aids

The final assessment is to be worked on individually and must be your own work. However, Racket help-desk and all course materials (e.g. slides, notes and previous assignments) may be used as references. We will also provide a Racket file with useful symbols and other things you might want to copy. No other aids are allowed.

Discussion Board

You will not be able to create public posts on the discussion board during the final assessment period. If you think there is an error in a question, use a private post to ask the instructors. Read the FAQ first!

Office Hours

There will be no office hours for the duration of the exam. Any questions must be asked through discussion board private posts.

There will be office hours during the exam period (but prior to the start of the exam). See the office hours schedule.