View Marks

Note: The programs for viewing marks need to be adjusted to include the self-assessment exercises instead of clickers. Text here needs updating as well.

Marks for the current term are available here. You will need your Quest username (8 characters or less) and password in order to log in.

The database will be updated regularly as the term goes on, so make sure to check back often to see if your marks have been recorded properly. Please note that if you hand an assignment back for remarking and your grade for that assignment changes, the database may not register the change until the next major update.

If you have any concerns about missing or incorrectly recorded marks, please contact your ISA.


  • A mark of x indicates that you are exempt from that component.
  • Refer to the Grading information (above) for details on the breakdown of marks.
  • A mark of UR indicates that a grade is “under review” and has yet to be resolved, usually because a component of a student’s mark is under investigation for irregularities. Contact the ISC, Karen Anderson, at if you have questions about a UR grade.
  • The marks listed here are “unofficial”. “Official” course marks will be issued by the Registrar.
  • Report any problems with your marks or viewing your marks to the ISC, Karen Anderson,