Assignments are where the rubber hits the road for CS135. Putting lecture content into practise is the best way for you to learn and one of the primary ways we assess your learning.

Please note, given the number of students in CS135:

  • Only files submitted to MarkUs will be marked. We cannot accept emailed assignments. If you’re having trouble, please see the Help FAQ .
  • Our policy on late submissions is still being decided. It will be updated here once finalized.

Submit early and often. Once you have a partial solution, submitting it early will ensure you receive part marks in case of technical problems. Submissions spike near the deadline and submitting early also will avoid problems due to server load.

Assignments are due at 9:00pm Waterloo time on the date specified. Assuming your computer’s date/time is set correctly for your locale, Waterloo’s date and time are displayed in the upper left corner of every CS135 web page.

Submit with MarkUs .

Refer to the Style Guide .

Fall 2022

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