Study Modules

The “Slides with commentary” is the most complete representation of the material you are to learn in CS135.

The slides portion of those pages are also available as 1up and 3up PDFs. They work better with screen readers and print better, but lack the commentary, videos, and self-check exercises.

Slides with Commentary & Videos
M01 Syllabus Details about how the course works.
Slides with commentary
M02 Functions Writing functions is at the heart of using a functional programming language.
Slides with commentary
M03 The design recipe Our process for developing programs.
Slides with commentary
M04 Simple data We start with numbers, but also need strings, symbols, and booleans.
Slides with commentary
M05 Syntax & semantics of Beginning Student Defining rigourously what our programs mean.
Slides with commentary
M06 Lists Working with a list of data; data definitions.
Slides with commentary
M07 Natural numbers -- recursively Working with natural numbers based on a self-referential data definition.
Slides with commentary
M08 More lists Lists of lists, processing multiple lists, etc.
Slides with commentary
M09 Patterns of recursion Looking beyond simple patterns of recursion to accumulative recursion and generative recursion.
Slides with commentary
M10 Structures Data that belongs together.
Slides with commentary
M11 Binary Trees Extending lists to include branches.
Slides with commentary
M12 Mutual Recursion Extending lists to include branches.
Slides with commentary
M13 General Trees Trees with more than two branches.
Slides with commentary
M14 Local definitions and lexical scope Software engineering.
M15 Functions as first class values Functions that consume or produce functions and more.
M16 Functional abstraction Going beyond function templates.
M17 Generative recursion Recursion that is not based on the form of the data.
M18 Graphs Directed graphs (not the Excel kind).
M19 Computing history Major milestones leading to functional and imperative programming.


Errors in the lecture slides will be listed here. If you discover an error that is not posted here, please talk to your instructor about it.

  • 2021-09-10: While not an “error”, we did provide a bit more guidance on the term “translate” on slide M01-23 .
  • 2021-09-20: Reformatted contracts on slide 17 and the exercise that follows to match current style guidelines.
  • 2021-09-26: Added readings in HtDP for Module 6.
  • 2021-10-04: Clarified M06-47 that the data definition for ne-listof is not required in assignments.