M01: Syllabus

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The eight instructors for Fall 2020 are supported by a small army of other course personnel:

  • The ones you’re most likely to meet are ISAs or “Instructional Support Assistants”. These are about a dozen undergraduate co-op students who we hire full-time to for their co-op job. They’ve all taken the course and are here to help you in office hours and help answer questions on our Q&A forum. They also set up automatic tests for your programs and many other behind-the-scenes jobs.
  • We have three Instructional Apprentices this term. They are graduate students with a special interest in teaching.
  • Karen Anderson is our Instructional Support Coordinator and a long-term staff member. She’s the institutional memory for CS135, hires the ISAs, IAs, etc. and supervises the TAs. Karen is also responsible for the detested task of handling cheating cases.
  • The TAs for CS135 are graduate students who do most of the marking. We have about 50 of them this term.