CS135→CS115 Dropdown

CS135 can be a difficult and demanding course. If you are a 1A student, you can drop down to CS115, the minor level version of the course. This must be done by the deadline - usually about 6 weeks into the term. CS115 covers the same general topics as CS135, but at a slightly slower pace and with less of an expectation of a strong math background.

For details about dropping down to CS115, including deadlines, please see https://cs.uwaterloo.ca/1acourses

Some important things to note from that page:

  • If you're unsure about whether or not to dropdown, we strongly recommend talking to your instructor, a CS advisor, or other course staff.
  • In order to transfer, you must get approval from the Math Undergrad Office (MUO), before the deadline.
  • If you drop down to CS115, none of your marks from CS135 will transfer with you. The remaining assignments in CS115 will have their weights redistributed.
  • Any work due in CS115 up to three days after your transfer will be excused.