Frequently Asked Questions

Common CS135 Questions

Help Topic What to do
Assignment Help:
  • See a CS135 Instructional Support Assistant (ISA) or instructor - check consulting hours.
  • Read the posts on Piazza.
  • Post a question on Piazza.
Assignment Submission Error:
  • Re-check your procedures.
  • Describe your submission error in an email to CS135 ISAs or post to Piazza.
  • Keep trying to submit to MarkUs in the meantime. We do not accept e-mailed assignments.
Assignment, Missed Deadline: We do not accept late or emailed assignments. The last files submitted before the deadline will be marked (submit early and often, even if not finished).
If deadline is missed due to illness or other valid, verifiable reason, see Missed Work Due To Illness below.
Assignment Marking Error: Submit a re-mark request, due within one week of release of marks on MarkUs. See Re-mark Request instructions on Remark Requests
Course Website Error: Email CS135 ISAs
CS135 Handouts Error: CS135 instructors - email or check consulting hours below.
Enrollment: If Quest won't let you enroll or switch LEC or TUT sections without a permission/override number, instructors and course staff are unable to help you -- you must see a MATH academic advisor.
General Course Help: CS135 ISAs or instructors - check consulting hours.
Course Content Questions: CS135 ISAs or instructors - check consulting hours.
Mark Display Error (View Marks): Participation: updated by the end of every Friday. Assignments: updated within 1-2 days of release of marks in MarkUs (includes all assignment re-marks that have been processed). Email CS135 ISAs
Midterm Remarks: See Re-mark Request instructions on Remark Requests .
Missed Work Due To Illness/Valid, Verifiable Reason (Assignments, Exams): Assignments, midterms, final exam: Validation required: for MATH students see MATH VIF and for all others, see Verification of Illness Services at In all cases, substitute Karen Anderson (CS 135 ISC) for references to instructor.