CS 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction, Fall 2020


Below are the tentative schedules for lectures, assignments, and quizzes. All dates are subject to change.

Lecture Progress

The following table indicates how far you should have worked through the lecture slides:

Week #DateSection
1Friday, September 11thEnd of Section 2
2Friday, September 18thEnd of Section 3
3Friday, September 25thEnd of Section 4
4Friday, October 2ndEnd of Section 5
5Friday, October 9thEnd of Section 6
6Friday, October 16thNo Reading
7Friday, October 23rdEnd of Section 7
8Friday, October 30thNo Reading - Midterm
9Friday, November 6thEnd of Section 8
9Friday, November 13thEnd of Section 9
10Friday, November 20thEnd of Section 10
11Friday, November 27thEnd of Section 11
12Friday, December 4thEnd of Section 12


Assignments can be found on the assignment page. They must be handed in by 9:00 pm on the day they are due.

Assignment #Post DateDue Date
A00Tuesday, September 8thFriday, September 18th
A01Friday, September 11thFriday, September 18th
A02Friday, September 18thFriday, September 25th
A03Friday, September 25thFriday, October 2nd
A04Friday, October 2ndFriday, October 9th
A05Friday, October 16thFriday, October 23rd
A06Friday, October 23rdFriday, November 6th
A07Friday, November 6thFriday, November 13th
A08Friday, November 13thFriday, November 20th
A09Friday, November 20thFriday, November 27th
A10Friday, November 27thFriday, December 4th

9:00 pm according to Eastern Daylight Time, i.e., local time in Waterloo.


Quizzes can be found on LEARN. They must be completed by 11:59 pm on the day they are due.

Quiz #Post DateDue Date
Q01Tuesday, September 8thThursday, September 17th
Q02Tuesday, September 8thThursday, September 17th
Q03Monday, September 14thThursday, September 17th
Q04Monday, September 21stThursday, September 24th
Q05Monday, September 28thThursday, October 1st
Q06Monday, October 5thThursday, October 8th
Q07Monday, October 19thThursday, October 22th
Q08Monday, November 2ndThursday, November 5th
Q09Monday, November 9thThursday, November 12th
Q10Monday, November 16thThursday, November 19nd
Q11Monday, November 23thThursday, November 26th
Q12Monday, November 30thThursday, December 3rd

11:59 pm according to Eastern Daylight Time, i.e., local time in Waterloo.