CS 136: Personnel

CS 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction, Spring 2022

Points of Contact for Common Student Questions

Please contact relevant people for relevant errors.

Note: If you decide to e-mail the course staff, you must use your uwaterloo e-mail account; otherwise we cannot verify who you are and are limited on what we can accept and respond to.

  • Get Various Help
  • General course helpPiazza; Office hours with an Instructor or ISA (see below).
    Course questionsPiazza; Office hours with an Instructor or ISA (see below).
    General assignment helpPiazza; Office hours with an Instructor or ISA (see below).
    Missed assignments due to illnessEmail Dalibor Dvorski
    Course enrollment conflictsEmail Dalibor Dvorski
    AccessAbility services form signatureEmail Dalibor Dvorski
    Access YouTube videosVisit YouTube videos
    Contact the course staffEmail cs136@uwaterloo.ca, or find specific contact information here.
    Attend office hoursCheck the Office Hours page to find a suitable time. Office Hours will be held on Microsoft Teams. Wait for a post in the Office Hours channel and then reply with a "q". When it is your turn, you will get a thumbs up and the instructor or ISA will call you (it is on a first come first serve basis). Be prepared to share your screen.
    Post on PiazzaGo to the CS 136 Piazza and click the New Post button in the top left corner. Select the Post Type, Folder and make a specific Summary. Ask your question in Details making sure you abide by the Integrity Guide and Assignment Rules.
    Submit a remark requestSubmit a Request tagged "Remark".

  • About Seashell
  • Reset assignment file If you accidentally removed any code given in the starter files and need it back, delete or rename that file and the original will reappear automatically after you refresh.
    Archive old Seashell projectLogin to Seashell, click on the help icon (question mark ? In the top right corner), then click on "archive all projects".
    If Seashell crashes (due to high volume...)Let us know by either emailing us or posting on Piazza, we will fix Seashell as soon as possible. Be patient.
    Reset my passwordResetting your CS student password can be done here.
    Work on assignments outside of SeashellTo download a Seashell project, click on the project, then left click on the project name in top left (userid/projectname), then click "download assignment..."
    Submit on SeashellClick on the desired assignment folder, click on "Submit Question” in the top right, then from the dropdown select the question you wish to submit to Marmoset.
    Assignment submission error Submit a Request tagged "Marmoset". Keep trying to submit to Marmoset in the meantime. We do not accept e-mailed assignments.

  • If You Find an Error
  • Unauthorized Access ErrorFirst, clear your browser cache and try again or try with a different browser. If the problem persists then Submit a Request.
    Error with SeashellLet us know by either emailing us or posting on Piazza, we will fix Seashell as soon as possible. Be patient.
    Error on the course websiteSubmit a Request tagged "Other"
    Error on the handoutsEmail an Instructor or send an email to cs136@uwaterloo.ca
    Error with mark entriesSubmit a Request tagged "Remark"

  • Access Feedback
  • View my style feedback on MarkUs Visit MarkUs and enter your WatIAM user ID and password. To view the annotations, click on the assignment name and then click on the Results tab near the top of the page. Here you will see your Marmoset submission with highlighted sections. Mousing over these sections will show you the TAs annotation.
    View my test results on MarmosetVisit Marmoset
    Check my gradesVisit View Marks

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