CS 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction, Spring 2022



Final marks for Spring 2022 will be computed as follows:
  • Assignments: 25 %
  • Participation: 5 %
  • Midterm: 20 %
  • Final Assessment: 50 %


To pass the course (achieve at least 50%), you must pass both your assignment average and your weighted exam average.

Assignment style marks are evaluated based on your adherence to the course style guide (available on the course website). The first four assignments (A1–A4) will not count toward your style grade and will be for feedback only. Your assignment style grade will be the average of your style marks on the remaining five assignments (A5–A9) and will have the same weight as a normal assignment. In other words, your assignment style grade will count as the "tenth" assignment.

If an exam component (midterm and/or final) is held online instead of in-person, its weight will be reduced by 1/2 with the remaining weight added to the assignments. For example, if the midterm is held online it would be be worth 10% and the assignments worth 35%.

If both exams are held online, the mark breakdown will be:

  • Assignments: 60%
  • Participation: 5%
  • Mid-term Exam (online): 10%
  • Final Exam (online): 25%

If an in-person exam is cancelled and we cannot switch to an online exam (e.g., a last-minute lock-down) then 1/2 of the cancelled exam weight will be added to the assignments and the other 1/2 to the other exam component. For example, if the midterm is cancelled, the final will be 60% and assignments will be 35%.

A special note for students in the online section (LEC 011): If the midterm is held in-person, students in the online section will not write a midterm and its weight will be re-distributed as if it was cancelled (see above).

Marks Look-up

For your convenience, we provide a facility to check your unofficial marks online.

As your assignment and exam marks are recorded, they will be made available on this website. You will need your WatIAM user ID (8 characters or less) and password in order to log in. Errors in the marks should be reported to an ISA.

Handmarking Results on MarkUs

We will be using MarkUs for handmarking assignments in CS 136 this term.

To log in to MarkUs, go to MarkUs and enter your WatIAM user ID and password. Once you log in, you should see a summary page of all the assignments that have been handmarked so far.

To view the annotations in MarkUs, click on the assignment name and then click on the Results tab near the top of the page. Here you will see your Marmoset submission with highlighted sections. Mousing over these sections will show you the TAs annotation.

Remark Requests

Remark requests will only be accepted up to two weeks from the release of the assignment mark.

Please carefully read through the comments made by the marker on MarkUs before sending a remark request.

If you believe the hand-marked portion (style and efficiency) was marked incorrectly, you may submit a remark request using the Request System. We will not accept remark requests for the Marmoset tests unless the test itself was written incorrectly (i.e. we will not be able to process requests that ask for an extension / accept late submissions / award partial marks for some tests you failed on Marmoset).

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