CS 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction, Spring 2022


In addition to the Course Notes, there are also voiceovers for each powerpoint on our YouTube channel. In addition to these voiceovers, there may also be other supplemental and how-to videos.

Weekly Videos (optional)

Section 01 - IntroductionVoiceover
Section 02 - An Intro to CVoiceover
Section 03 - Imperative CVoiceover

Tips for Success (Optional but Highly Recommended)

Tips for Success in CS136 and CS in GeneralVoiceover  Slides/Handouts
Debugging (and some testing)Voiceover  Slides/Handouts

Seashell Problems and/or Internet/WiFi Issues (optional)

Seashell/Internet Problems and Improving WiFiVoiceover  Slides/Handouts
Finding difference when output not matching expectedVoiceover

Course Software and Tools (optional)

Introduction to SeashellVoiceover
Introduction to MarmosetVoiceover
Introduction to MarkusVoiceover
Seashell CleanupVoiceover
Seashell Keyboard ShortcutsVoiceover
Seashell: Updating, Deleting, and Renaming TricksVoiceover