3.0.12 (HEAD-f942b966)

1 User Documentation

This section provides documentation relevant to users of Seashell.

    1.1 Getting Started

      1.1.1 Projects

      1.1.2 Editing Files

      1.1.3 Running Files

      1.1.4 Programs that Require Input

      1.1.5 Testing I/O Programs/Modules

      1.1.6 Submitting to Marmoset

      1.1.7 Settings

      1.1.8 Logging Out

    1.2 Frequently Asked Questions

      1.2.1 What does error code ___ mean?

      1.2.2 Why can’t I delete a question/assignment in Seashell?

      1.2.3 I am trying to submit to Marmoset through Seashell, but the Marmoset projects are not in the list. Why?

      1.2.4 How do I submit multiple files to Marmoset?

      1.2.5 I’ve tried evaluating Racket expressions in the console, but it is not accepting them. Why?

      1.2.6 An instructor has reported that a Seashell skeleton has been released, but it’s not appearing in my list of Seashell Assignments. What’s going on?

      1.2.7 When I open up Seashell I only see a blank screen. What do I do?

    1.3 Seashell Common Errors

    1.4 Common Error Codes

      1.4.1 Code 0 - Successful Completion

      1.4.2 Error code 1 - General Error

      1.4.3 Error code 134 - Program Abort

      1.4.4 Error code 136 - Erroneous Arithmetic Operation

      1.4.5 Error code 139 - Segmentation Fault

      1.4.6 Error code 255 - Program Timed Out