CS 230 - Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems

What To Do If You Are Ill

For student's suffering from any symptoms that could possibly (even remotely) be associated with COVID-19, you can fill out a self-declaration form on Quest. No VIF form or doctor's note is required in this situation. You MUST fill out the form as soon as you have symptoms as the self-declaration form will not allow you to backdate. (Do NOT wait until after you are better to fill out the form as you will be unable to date it for when you were ill.) You can leave the end date blank and fill it in on Quest once you recover. Students can find the Illness self-declaration form in the Personal Information section of Quest. After completing the self-declaration form, e-mail the Instructional Support Coordinator Patrick Roh and explain your situation. No accommodation will be given until the self-declaration is registered on Quest.

For further information, check out the University webpage on the coronavirus as it pertains to your academic situation at https://uwaterloo.ca/coronavirus/academic-information. Check the given webpage regularly for updates as the current situation evolves.

For other illnesses that are not COVID-19 related, a Verification of Illness form is required and should be submitted to https://uwaterloo.ca/math/vif-submission. E-mail the course ISC after you have submitted the VIF form. Only after the VIF form has been registered into the VIF system will an accommodation be given.

For all other scenarios where a student cannot complete coursework, e-mail the Instructional Support Coordinator Patrick Roh and explain your situation.

If you are waiting for a response for an accommodation, continue to submit your assignment to MarkUs. Course staff can look up when you submitted and decide if an accommodation is warranted.