CS 230 - Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems

Who To Contact

Having trouble figuring out who to contact? Hopefully the following list will help you:

Question/Issue Who to Contact
Course Access including late enrollment Course ISC proh@uwaterloo.ca
Access to LEARN Access for LEARN is controlled by the Registrar's Office. CS 230 course staff have ZERO control over student access.
If you have not paid your fees, you cannot get access to LEARN.
If you just enrolled on Quest, you usually have to wait until the following morning to be granted access. If you just enrolled and still do not have access by the following day, contact LEARN help at learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca.
If you are enrolled in the course and had LEARN access removed, please e-mail the Course ISC proh@uwaterloo.ca IMMEDIATELY so we know when you lost access and can make appropriate accommodations.
MarkUs Issues Course ISC proh@uwaterloo.ca
Quiz Issues on LEARN Please make a PRIVATE post on Piazza
Assignment clarifications (not asking about solutions) Make a PUBLIC post on Piazza or bring up during office hours
Assignment Solutions Please make a PRIVATE post on Piazza or bring up during office hours
Remark requests Course IA cs230@uwaterloo.ca
Looking for extra one-on-one help outside of office hours Course IA cs230@uwaterloo.ca, e-mail Instructor if further help is required, please try to use regular office hours first if possible
Course material that does not involve assignments/quizzes/tests Make a PUBLIC post on Piazza or bring up during office hours
Accommodations/Extensions due to illness or unforeseen circumstances Course ISC proh@uwaterloo.ca
Dealing with Incompletes (INCs) Course ISC proh@uwaterloo.ca
Issues dealing with Accessability Course ISC proh@uwaterloo.ca