CS 230 - Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems


Quizzes must be completed individually. Do not try to get credit for anyone else's work. If you use any code, writing, or ideas that are not yours, you must state who or where you got them from. Code and ideas from the lectures are exempt – you do not have to cite them. See the course policies for more information.

All quizzes are to be completed on LEARN. Quiz dates are posted on here.
Once you have started a quiz, you will have one hour to complete it. You will only be given one attempt so prepare and study before starting a quiz.
Please make sure to start with enough time to complete the quiz. If the quiz ends at 11:59pm and you start at 11:55pm, then you only get 4 minutes to write the quiz.

Note: Student's have had issues in the past accessing quizzes or reading certain questions on a quiz in the past. Our recommendations for doing a quiz include:

  1. Using a computer (such as a desktop or laptop) as opposed to a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet).
  2. Making sure you are using an updated web browser.
  3. Have possibly two different web browsers in case one web browser is incompatible with the quiz content on LEARN.
    (Chrome seems to work well. We have had issues with Safari in the past.)
  4. If issues do arise, try clearing the cache and cookies on your web browser.