CS240e: Data Structures and Data Management (Enriched), Winter 2019
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Points of Contact for Common Student Questions

Note: If you decide to e-mail the course staff, you must use your uwaterloo Quest e-mail account (WatIAM/Quest userID @edu.uwaterloo.ca); otherwise we cannot verify who you are and are limited on what we can accept and respond to.

Help Topic Contact
Assignment, Missed Deadline: We do not accept late or emailed assignments. The last files submitted before the deadline will be marked (submit early and often, even if not finished).
If deadline is missed due to illness or other valid, verifiable reason, see Missed Work Due To Illness below.
Assignment Marking Error: Re-mark request, due within one week of release of marks on MarkUs. See Mark Appeals instructions on Course info
Course Website Error: Email CS240E ISA
CS240E Handouts Error: CS240E instructors - email or check consulting hours below.
Enrollment: If Quest won't let you enroll or switch LEC or TUT sections without a permission/override number: Instructors and course staff are unable to help you -- you must see a CS academic advisor.
Exam Seat (Midterms & Final): Assigned seating. See Exam Seating.
General Course Help: CS240E ISAs or instructors - check office hours below.
Lecture Questions: CS240E ISAs or instructors - check office hours below.
Midterm Remarks: See Re-mark Request instructions on Course info (the same instructions apply for Midterms with the email subject updated accordingly).
Missed Work Due To Illness/Valid, Verifiable Reason (Assignments, Exams): Assignments, midterms, final exam: Validation required (see Verification of Illness Services at https://uwaterloo.ca/campus-wellness/health-services/student-medical-clinic but substitute Karen Anderson (CS 240E ISC) for references to instructor.
AccessAbility Services (AAS) exam accommodation forms (request to write at AAS): Submit to AAS at least 3 weeks before exam

Instructor: Simon Abelard

Office: DC 2302B
Office Hours: Mondays, 3:00pm - 4:00pm or by appointment
Lectures: TTh 10:00am - 11:20am in MC 4060
Email: sabelard [at] uwaterloo.ca

Instructional Support Assistant (ISA): Bill Liu

Office: MC 4065
Consulting Hours: Mon 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Tue 11:30am - 12:30pm
Wed 10:00am - 12:00pm (240E students given priority)
or by appointment
Tutorial: M 09:30am - 10:20am in PHY 150
Email: cs240e [at] uwaterloo.ca

Instructional Support Assistant (ISA): Bani Singh

Office: MC 4065
Consulting Hours: By appointment
Email: cs240e [at] uwaterloo.ca

Instructional Support Coordinator: Karen Anderson

Office: MC 4010
Office Hours: Email or call to set up an appointment
Email: kaanders [at] uwaterloo.ca
Phone: ext. 36656