CS 241e - Foundation of Sequential Programs (Enriched)

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General Information


Purpose of Piazza

Piazza is a great way to ask questions about your assignments and course material. It enables you to learn from questions others have. It also provides a forum for the instructor to make announcements and clarifications about assignments and other course related topics. Piazza can be found here.

Setting Up Your Piazza Account

Click on the link above. Select the "Join as: Student" option under CS 241E and click the Join Classes button, then follow the onscreen instructions. Register yourself by your uwaterloo.ca email address and choose your own password.

Posting Guidelines

Here are some guidelines that you should keep in mind when posting messages.

  1. Please remember that everything you post is public -- everyone enrolled in the course will be reading it. Do not give away your solutions to any of the assignments. If you have questions about an assignment that require you to give specific details of your solution, visit office hours or send an email to cs241e@uwaterloo.ca. We have disabled the "anonymous" posting capability (although you will have the option of appearing anonymous to your fellow classmates).
  2. Please be respectful of your peers and others in your posts.
  3. Keep posts on Piazza course-related.
  4. Please read all questions and responses that are on Piazza before asking a question.
  5. If you have a complaint about the course, please raise it directly with the instructor. Do not discuss it on Piazza.