CS 245E: Logic and Computation (Enriched) — Spring 2020

For the Fall 2020 offering, click here.

Course Outline

General remarks

For this term, the enriched CS 245E will follow fairly closely the CS 245 "standard" version. We will spend less time on the standard topics, however, and will include other material alongside. Each course will have its own separate sites (Learn, Piazza, etc.), but some material will be duplicated on both sites.

Time and Place

All interaction will take place on-line. Principal sites: Content will be updated as it becomes available. If things go as planned, the schedule will be roughly as follows.



We will use three different principal sources.
Lu Zhongwan, Mathematical Logic for Computer Science, 2nd ed., 2010.
Our main source for basic logic.

Gilles Dowek, Proofs and Algorithms: An Introduction to Logic and Computability, Springer, 2011.

Computation-focused material. Also an alternative presentation of basic logic.

Michael Huth and Mark Ryan, Logic in Computer Science: Modelling and Reasoning about Systems (2nd ed.), Cambridge University Press, 2004.

We will use this for its section on "program verification". Also an alternative presentation of basic logic.
The first two (Lu and Dowek) are available in electronic form through the UW library. The UW bookstore has some hard copies for sale, as do other booksellers. (Note: the Lu text is often mistakenly alphabetized under 'Z'.)

Some topics are covered by all three. However, each textbook has its own idiosyncrasies. None of the approaches is "better" than the others; they are simply alternative.


Additional material, either purely written or a visual/aural combination, will be posted from time to time.

Personnel and contact information

Role Name Email Ofc. hours
Instructor Jonathan Buss jfbuss

Wed. 1–3pm; Fri. 9–11am

Instr. Asst. (IA) Steph McIntyre srmcintyre Tue., 3–4pm.
TAs Jan Gorzny
Joshua Lemmon
ISC Dalibor Dvorski ddvorski
Names and roles appear in the table. Office hours are EDT (Waterloo time). Venues and details as announced.

For questions regarding course material, logistics, and/or online technology, do any/all of

To request a re-evaluation of marking, or to discuss your progress in the course, contact the instructor.

For administrative issues, including illness forms and accommodation for religious holidays, see either the instructor or the ISC.

If you have difficulty accessing course materials, contact the instructor.
Examples (non-exclusive): broken links, poor connectivity, accommodation for differing ability, etc.

For other issues, or if nothing applies, please contact the instructor.

Course Work

Grading summary

Exception: Students must pass the weighted average of the midterms and final to pass the course.

For the most part, all of the above will be submitted via Crowdmark. Some may also have components as quizzes in Learn.

Note: Some of the questions on assignments and exams will duplicate ones appearing in CS 245. The average mark on these questions, in the two classes, may be used to estimate the relative level of difficulty of the two courses. Only averages will be used in this way; the weights for an individual student will not be affected.

Aside from the participation mark, all of the above must be your own work.

Ungraded work

Academic Integrity and Students with Disabilities

This courses adheres to the UW policies on Academic Integrity and Students with Disabilities.

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