CS 246 - Object-Oriented Software Development

Welcome to CS 246 for Spring 2021!

Contacting Course Staff

Please consult our "Who to Contact" page before contacting course staff. Some inquiries are best directed to specific course staff.


Course content will be delivered online on LEARN this term. You will have multiple formats from which to choose from to learn the course material:

You can study the published content at your own pace. However, you must note the assignment deadlines because you will need to study specific course topics to be able to complete each assignment.

Office Hours and Discussion

The instructors and instructional support assistants (ISAs) will support you via online (video) office hours and the discussion forum on Piazza. If you have any quick question, feel free to ask us on Piazza at any time (please read the Piazza page for further information). We will make an effort to answer you within one working day. Please remember that you must not publicly post any code snippets or anything that could suggest an assignment solution – make your post private if you need to ask a specific question. On the other hand, if you have any general question about the course, please make it public so other students may also see the answer.

The instructors and ISAs will hold weekly online video office hours on Microsoft Teams. Please check office hours for details. If you have a complex question, please attend one of the scheduled hours for clarification. If the times do not work for you, please send an email to the ISA or the instructor of the section you are enrolled in and we can try to schedule a different time.

If you have any administrative questions such as course enrolment, account issues, documentation of illness, missed assignments, grades, etc., please contact the Instructional Support Coordinator, Patrick Roh.

For Students Considering Taking CS 246

This is a very intensive course that will take up a significant amount of your time. Although most courses expect students to spend ~10 hours/week on their course, we find that many students in CS 246 will require up to 15 hours/week and some weeks will be significantly harder than others. This is generally due to the significant adjustments students have to learn to make in how they approach the course material. Students who are not in the Faculty of Mathematics or who have weak programming skills may require even more time each week. If you are considering taking CS 246, please take note of the time requirements and plan accordingly.