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For your convenience, we provide a facility to check your unofficial marks.

If you have questions about an assignment whose marking is in progress, please contact the ISA. See below for information on viewing the marks breakdown for an assignment.

  • 15% - Assignments
    • 5% - Assignment 1
    • 5% - Assignment 2
    • 5% - Assignment 3
  • 15% - Project
    • 7% - Deliverable 1
    • 8% - Deliverable 2
  • 20% - Midterm
  • 50% - Final Exam
Important Note

A passing mark must be achieved on the exam portion of the course (Midterm and Exam, weighted accordingly) to pass the course. If this is not achieved, the final grade will be the minimum of the computed final grade and the weighted exam component.

CS 247 Mark Viewing Notes

  1. The overall mark on Assignments and Project Components can be found on the unofficial marks page.
  2. Automarking correctness tests and results can be found in Marmoset
  3. Handmarking results (including marker comments) are located on Markus with the following notes:
    • Use Firefox to access Markus. MarkUs does not work properly with other web browsers.
    • Viewing Marks and Marker Comments in MarkUs
      Choose the appropriate assignment. Then, for a detailed breakdown of the marking along with marker comments, click the "Results" link.

      On the right side is your mark breakdown:

      • Summary: Under this tab you can see the weight for each category and your deductions for components with subtractive marking and marks earned for the other components.
      • Marks: Under this tab you can see the level you received for each criterion, with a description of what the level means.

      On the left is the code for one of your files.

      • The ''Annot. Summary'' tab contains a list of all the comments a marker has made to your assignment files. Click on the link at the top left of each comment to go to the associated code.

If there are any errors in the marking of your assignment, please email cs247[at]uwaterloo.ca to let us know what the problem is.

Remarking Policy

Email the tutor, clearly stating the questions you want to be remarked. Include any supporting evidence for your case. Requests that include code changes to fix failing test cases will be ignored. You have two weeks after handback to deliver the request to the tutor. All requests will be processed after the deadline to ensure fairness and consistency in marking.

Notes: We will examine your entire assignment/midterm when remarking it. It is possible that you will receive a lower mark than your current mark.