CS346 Application Development
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CS346 Application Development

This course was offered as CS 398 in Winter 2022. Its permanent course code is CS 346, and it will be offered in Fall 2022 and Winter 2023. The course website is still in draft form, and is being posted as as a courtesy to people who may wish to course select it for the fall offering. The project details and lectures topics are subject to change between now and the start of the fall term, but you can expect the overall structure to remain the same!

Welcome to our new Application Development course!

This is a team project course, where you will in groups of four to design, develop and test a full-featured application. Course registration is open for the first week of the term only; past that point you will need instructor permission to add the course (and I will ask you to either join existing teams, or bring 3 friends!).

You can expect lectures and class discussions of relevant topics, but you will also be provided with time and assistance to build your application in class.

See the syllabus for detailed course information, including the course description and required prerequisites.

Course materials are primarily on this website, though we also have Piazza forums where you can ask questions.