This course is designed around a single project that you will design and develop with your project team. Most course components are tied to the course project in some way.

Team Grade (65%)

You will have three different types of deliverables this term.

Item What it addresses %
Project review Review planned features, design issues. 5%
Sprints (4) Demo new features and get feedback1. 4 x 5%
Final submission Submit completed project and artifacts. 40%

Everyone on the team is expected to attend the in-person sprint kickoff and sprint demos. See course policies for more information.

Personal (35%)

A portion of your grade is based on quizzes and personal contributions towards the team project.

Item Calculated %
Participation Kickoff & Demo participation; Project contribution. 15%
Quizzes 5 quizzes x 4% each. 20%

You are expected to meet regularly with your team. This includes participating in sprint kickoffs, sprint demos, and in-class working sessions. Your participation grade will be calculated at the end of the term, and will be based on project data (e.g. your relative contribution) and attendance (e.g. did you attend and participate through the term).

Quizzes are a review of the lecture material and need to be done individually. See the quizzes pages for details.

  1. Failing to attend a demo will result in a grade of zero for that component IN ADDITION to any penalty to your participation grade. Under exceptional circumstances e.g. coop interview, documented illness, you may be excused from a demo without penalty, as long as you coordinate with your team and the instructor ahead of time. ↩ ↩︎