You have 5 quizzes to complete during the term. Quizzes are comprehensive, and can include any content from the indicated lectures (though they will tend to favour newer material).

# Lectured Covered Quiz Availability
Q1 Weeks 1-2 Week 3 : Mon Jan 23 - Fri Jan 27
Q2 Weeks 1-4 Week 5 : Mon Feb 6 - Fri Feb 10
Q3 Weeks 1-7 Week 8 : Mon Feb 27 - Fri Mar 3
Q4 Weeks 1-9 Week 10 : Mon Mar 13 - Fri Mar 17
Q5 Weeks 1-11 Week 12 : Mon Mar 27 - Fri Mar 31


  • All quizzes are available in LEARN during the dates listed above. They open 10:00 AM on the Monday morning, and close at 11:59 PM on the Friday of each week.

  • Quizzes must all be complete and submitted by Fri 11:59 PM of the given week. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

  • Once you start the quiz, you must complete and submit it within 30 minutes. Failure to submit results in a grade of zero for that quiz. There are no extensions on Quizzes once they have been started.

  • Quizzes must represent your individual work. You may not communicate with anyone else about quiz contents, or disclose information about the quizzes to anyone else. You agree to not record or disclose quiz contents to any third-party (including but not limited to Chegg.com and similar sites).