Forming Teams

  • Goal: Form project teams.
  • Deadline: One week after the first lecture.
  • Assessment: None.

You are expected to form project teams in the first week of the course1.

  • Teams should consist of four people.
  • You all must be enrolled in the same sections of the course.
  • You must all attend in-person (i.e. this course cannot be taken “online”)

How do you find team members?

  • Join friends who are taking the course! If you are in different sections, ask the instructor, and they may be able to move you all into the same section.
  • Post in the course forums: we will have a forum thread where you can introduce yourself.
  • If you’re in-class, introduce yourself to people sitting near you.

Once you have a team formed, please email the instructor with details:

  • Section number.
  • Names and email addresses of your team members.
  • The URL to your GitLab project.

To be successsful, we suggest that you look for team members that share your goals, and your approach to the course.

  • Do you have the same work schedule? Are you available at the same times (e.g. mornings? evenings?)
  • Are you all willing to make the same time and effort commitment to the course? If your team wants to put in extra time to get an A+, then you need to make sure that everyone is on-board to do that.
  • Look for complementary skills! Not everyone needs to be a (fill-in-the-blank) programmer. There’s room for a lot of different skills to be applied to your project. Some teams have setup a team member as their designer, or project manager depending on what they need.

  1. We will attempt to enrol the correct number of students to facilitate teams of four people. If smaller or larger teams are required, you will to need to get permission and coordinate with the instructor. Failing to participate in the process may result in your being required to withdraw from the course. ↩︎