Some information about submitting assignments

For assignment 3 design.pdf and extras.pdf (if you 
choose to submit such a file) need to live in os161-1.11.
That way the instructions for submitting on the assignment
web page will work properly. After you submit, check
that all files you wanted to submit have been submitted properly.

cd $HOME/cs350-os161
submit cs350 3 . |& tee submit.out

or if you are after the deadline

cd $HOME/cs350-os161
submit cs350 3 -tardy . |& tee submit.out

Note that using the "tee" command prints
the output on the terminal and saves it in the file submit.out.

You can then more easily look at all of the output from submit
to make sure that what you wanted to submit, was actually submitted.

Some important notes about submit:
  o Submit does not copy directories that are empty.
    E.g., the kern/compile directory will not get submitted
        unless there is a file in that directory.
  o Submit does not copy directories that contain files whose names begin with .
    E.g., the kern/compile directory will not get submitted
        if the only file in that directory is .cvsignore.

  You can ensure that kern/compile is copied by checking that a file
  that does not begin with a . exists in that directory.
  If it does not, create one and resubmit. E.g.,
  % touch kern/compile/FILEFORSUBMIT

  o Submit does not remove any old files or directories.
    It simply overwrites old files with new files.
    If you want to remove old files and directories and
    ensure that only the most recent directory is submitted
    you should first run.

    % submit cs350 3 -delete

To see what files the submit command is expecting
% submit cs350 3 -LIST

To list the files that have been submitted
% submit cs350 3 -list

You can use the -list option to ensure e.g. that the design.pdf
file that you submitted matches the file that you wanted to submit.

NOTE: For some reason the -print option to submit doesn't seem to work.

To find out more about submit do:
% man submit

Ensuring your code compiles

After you submit your assignment use the test compilation facility on the assignments web page for the course to ensure that we can compile your submission. This can take ~15 minutes or longer depending on the time you request the compilation and the number of other requests in the queue.

Checking the compiled kernel

Assuming the test compilation facility is able to compile your kernel, take a copy of that kernel (location emailed to you) and run your tests against that copy of the kernel to ensure you have submitted what you wanted to submit.