Test Scripts for Assignment 1

These are some of tests we will use to test your kernel.


These instructions are for using the student.cs environment. If you are working on another system you'll need to copy and transfer the a1-test-scripts.tar.gz file to your system and adjust the tar command below as appropriate.
# We are assuming your directory structure is as follows
# $HOME/cs350-os161
# $HOME/cs350-os161/os161-1.99
# $HOME/cs350-os161/root
# And that kernel-ASST1 is compiled and installed in 
# $HOME/cs350-os161/root

cd $HOME/cs350-os161/os161-1.99

tar -xzf /u/cs350/pub/os161_repository/a1-test-scripts.tar.gz

cd a1-test-script

# This will create some symbolic links

# You should now be able to run the tests in the a1-test-script directory.

# The automated testing portion that we use will run 
make runtests

# See the a1-test-scripts/README for more information

Using the test scripts

All the scripts in the a1-test-script directory use the csh so your PATH must be set properly in the .cshrc file.

The directory a1-test-scripts contains a file named README. It contains some information about the different tests and how to run individual tests or portions of the tests. Please spend some time reading the README file.

These tests are not exhaustive but the majority of your testing/implementation mark will come from correctly running these tests.