Assignment 1b - Forming Groups

Assignment Deadline: June 7th at noon
No slip days may be applied to this deadline.

You may work on Assignments 2 and 3 in groups of up to 3 people. You may also work individually if you prefer. This assignment (1b) asks you to form groups. There is no credit for this assignment. However, we will assume that anyone who is not part of a group by the assignment deadline will be working indivdually.

To form your group, first decide who your partner will be and obtain his or her agreement. Take care in choosing your partner.

Once you have chosen your partner, one (and only one) member of each group should follow these instructions:

  1. Create a new directory called asst1b. From the command line, you can do this with the command:
     % mkdir ~/asst1b
    This will create a new asst1b directory under your home directory.
  2. In the new directory, create a plain text file called group.txt which contains, on a single line, a space-separated list of the userids of the group members. You can create this file using a text editor or, for example, using commands similar to the following:
      % cd ~/asst1b
      % cat > group.txt
      brecht kmsalem
      < ctrl-d >
      % cat group.txt
      brecht kmsalem
    This would be an appropriate group.txt file for a group consisting of users brecht and kmsalem.
  3. Submit your group.txt file to the course account. For this assignment (only), you must use the regular submit command, not cs350_submit. Assuming that you created the directory asst1b in your home directory as described above, the following commands can be used to submit your group.txt file:
      % cd ~/asst1b
      % submit cs350 1b .
    Note the dot (.), indicating the current directory, at the end of the submit command.

We intend to create groups on the afternoon of June 7th. Once the groups have been created, we will post on the course newsgroup to indicate how you can obtain your group number. You will need a group number for working on and submitting Assignments 2 and 3. We will assign group numbers to everyone, including those who are working without a partner.

We will also create a UNIX user group in the student.cs computing environment for each CS350 assignment group. If your group number is XX, your Unix group will be called cs350_0XX. For example, group 23 will use Unix group cs350_023. You will need a Unix group to set up a shared CVS repository for your group.