CS 350 - Reading Materials

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Textbook Readings and Lecture Notes

Subject Text Readings 2up Notes 1up Notes
Introduction; Background and Overview Chapters 1-2 2-up 1-up
Threads N/A (see the Intro by Birrell above) 2-up 1-up
Synchronization Chapters 3 (3.4.1), 6 (excluding 6.8), and 7 2-up 1-up
Processes, The Kernel, and System Calls Chapters 2 (2.3 and 2.4), and 3 (3.1-3.3) 2-up 1-up
Virtual Memory Chapters 8-9 2-up 1-up
Scheduling Chapter 5 2-up 1-up
I/O Chapters 12-13 2-up 1-up
File Systems Chapters 10-11 (excluding 11.8-11.9) 2-up 1-up
Interprocess Communication and Networking Chapter 3 (3.4-3.6) 2-up 1-up