OS/161 Reference Manual


mksfs - create an SFS filesystem


/sbin/mksfs raw-device volname
host-mksfs disk-image-file volname


mksfs creates a new SFS filesystem on the specified device or disk image. The volume name is set to volname.

If mksfs is used under OS/161, the first form should be used, where raw-device is a raw device name (such as "lhd1raw:"). Don't use a device that's already mounted (or being used for swap).

mksfs can also be used on the System/161 host OS, in which case the second form should be used. The host-compiled version of mksfs knows how to deal with the header on System/161 disk images and does the right thing.

Note that as of this writing host-mksfs cannot create disk image files. This is a bug and will hopefully be addressed eventually.


mksfs uses the following system calls: mksfs should function properly once the file system assignment is complete. You will likely need to make some changes to it in the course of doing that assignment.

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