CS350 Assignment Information Request (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Note that these three scripts require you to login with your Quest userid and password, not your UNIX userid and password.

Compilation Request

Select the assignment number and press the button to request that the makefile for the specified assignment be exercised. This facility is here to allow you to ensure that you have:

  1. properly submitted OS161 code
  2. provided code that compiles on the CS undergrad environment
  3. provided code that can successfully execute a simple test program

The results will be emailed to the specified userid upon the next scheduled test run (every 30 minutes, subject to non-overlapping jobs, system load, and batch job scheduling). Note that there may be delays if email is backlogged or if the system is heavily loaded.

Warning: testcompile is not guaranteed due to the possibility of human error in the scripts. You are still required to make sure you've followed the assignment submission guidelines.

Select assignment to test:

Number of Slip Days Left

Determine the number of slip days still available as of the last assignment.