CS446: Software Engineering


This page provides links to WWW pages pertinent to the material in CS446.
C++ Reference Material
  • A C++ Tutorial for C Programmers (simple)
  • A C++ Tutorial for C Programmers (more advanced)
  • The C++ Virtual Library
    Steal This Code
  • Some useful C++ data structures
  • A list of C++ libraries
    Object-Oriented Alternatives to C++
  • Java
  • Smalltalk
  • Objective C
  • Modula-3
  • Eiffel
    General Overview on Software Development Issues
  • What is an outline for a software business plan? (what your venture capitalist will want to know)
  • Contracting with a Software Developer (what the customer should know and demand)
  • A "top 10" list (actually 12) of ways software management can go wrong
  • Articles on Other SE Topics
    Development Support Material
  • The COCOMO estimation model (home page and some software to run the model)
  • Object Mentor (OO design principles, metrics proposals, code generator, discussions, etc.)
    Archives, Search Engines, Indices
  • The Stanford Yahoo Index on Software Engineering
  • WWW Virtual Library on Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Archives
    CASE Tools
  • The CASE Tool Index Page
  • A Collection of CASE Tools for use on PCs
    Tools for this Course
  • MicroSoft Project
  • Critical review of MicroSoft Project
    Design Paradigms and Support Methods
  • Formal Technical Reviews (what they are and how to do them)
  • Design Patterns (abstracted organizational and programming wisdom)
  • Risk Management Catalog (why not a book of symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments for risk?)
  • Development Organizational Patterns (management, team, and development patterns)
  • Literate Programming Library
  • Formal Methods
  • The Beautiful Configuration Management Page (good links and lovely fish)
  • The Configuration Management FAQ Page
    Institutes that Set the Style
  • ISO Online
  • The ISO 9000 Guidebook
  • The Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute Topics Page
    Some Commercial and Academic Examples
  • The University of Victoria Reverse Engineering Project
  • CCC/Harvest (a configuration management system)
    Notational and Specification Schemes
  • The Booch Method (object oriented design sketching)
  • Specification Description Language
  • Message Sequence Charts
    Other People's Comprehensive SE Lists
  • Dick Botting's Software Engineering Resources
  • The software engineering news group (comp.software-eng)
  • The software configuration management news group (comp.software.config-mgmt)
  • The software testing news group (comp.software.testing)
  • The literate programming news group (comp.programming.literate)
  • The c++ news group (comp.lang.c++)
  • The news group for this course (uw.cs.cs446)