CS 452/652 Fall 2022 - Lecture 16

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Train Modelling (cont'd)

Stop Distance

Stop Time


Short Moves

Earlier Documents

The material covered in class should be sufficient for train modelling. However, during the past years, various documents have described train modelling and calibration in the context of CS 452/652. The various versions are made available here with the caveat that they might or might not be helpful:

Stopping (2016)
The Kinematics of Train Calibration (2017)
The Kinematics of Train Calibration (2015)
Reverse Engineering Acceleration/Deceleration(2011)

Latency Analysis

Average Latency?

Worst-Case Latency

Automatic Analysis

Train Control

Task Priorities

Reminder: Train Control Caveat

Demo Preparation


General Advice

Part 1 - scripted

Part 2 - unscripted

Part 3 - discussion & code review