CS 452/652 Spring 2022 - Final Project

(Version: 1)

Demo Date: Tue, Jul 26, 2022 (submit code & documentation at 9:00am)

Hand In

Hand in the following, nicely formatted and printed.
  1. A pointer to your code repository, readable by the TAs and instructor, containing the source code of your assignment, instructions how to make the executable, and documentation (see below). The code and documentation must remain unmodified after submission until the assignments have been marked. Email the commit SHA to the instructor before the deadline.
  2. A description of how to access, make, and operate your program in a README file, including the full pathname of your executable file, which we might download for testing.
  3. The names of your group members in the same README file.
  4. A description of the structure of your kernel and application so far, highlighting the changes for this assignment. We will judge your application primarily on the basis of this description. Describe which algorithms and data structures you used and why you chose them.
  5. Note that we might perform another round of code reviews. A TA and/or instructor might contact you to set up a (virtual) meeting.