CS 452/652 Spring 2022 - Context Switch Presentation

(Version: 1)

Due Date: Thu, Jun 9, 2022, 9:00am

Prepare and submit (by email to the instructor) a brief presention of your context switch implementation. The presentation should take at most 10 minutes and be comprised of title + at most 5 slides (possibly including animations):
  1. essential design decisions
  2. any particular characteristics - good or bad
  3. relevant data structure(s): stack layout and/or task descriptor
  4. leave_kernel() routine or equivalent
  5. enter_kernel() routine or equivalent
If you are using latex's 'beamer' class, having multiple PDF pages represent a single slide with "animations" is fine. As an example, this sample counts as one slide.

All groups will be asked to present in class on Jun 9 and possibly Jun 14. The presentations themselves will not be graded, but preparing the presentation and presenting in class is a mandatory part of the course.