CS 452/652 - Real-Time Programming

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This course is about writing embedded systems. You will write C programs on the undergraduate machines, compile them, and download them to run stand-alone on computers that control an electric train.

Course Information (Winter 2018)

Administrative Details

Described in excruciating detail here.

Course Resources

You should be able to find everything you need in the directory "/u/cs452/public" when using the Linux environment.

The most important resources relating to hardware and software other than the trains are on the instructor's web pages.

Kernel Resources

The Trains

The train set currently in use is an off-the-shelf digitally-controlled HO train manufactured by Märklin in Germany.

Other Resources

Neat Stuff

Perhaps you want to read this while waiting for those long compiles...


If there are hardware problems in the lab, please report them by posting to the newsgroup. Fraser reads it regularly, and can only do something if he knows about the problem. Please make sure that the problem isn't a result of software bugs first.

Feeling nostalgic?

Then visit the old web pages from the Intel version of the course.
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