CS 462/662 - Take-Home Final Examination Groundrules 2020

1. By Wednesday March 25 2020, send e-mail to the instructor to pick the date and time you want the final exam e-mailed to you.

The possible dates and times for you to receive the exam are from 7 AM to 7 PM on any of the following days: April 8 to April 18.

2. The time that you pick up the exam will be recorded. You must return the exam by e-mail by the SAME TIME exactly one week (168 hours) later. Two percent (2%) will be deducted from your mark for each hour (or fraction thereof) that the exam is late. Send your pdf to shallit@uwaterloo.ca with the subject line CS 462 final <your last name>

3. You may use any books, journal articles, or notes for this exam; all use of external sources MUST be cited. (Of course, it goes without saying that you will benefit most, educationally speaking, by not trying to find solutions in books or articles.) However...

4. You may NOT collaborate in any way with any other person about the material of the exam. This includes discussion with other professors, students, etc.

It includes oral conversations, written communications, electronic mail, posting to bulletin boards, reddit, chat rooms, newsgroups, etc. Any violations will be grounds for receiving NO marks for the exam.

By taking the exam in this format, you are agreeing to not show the exam to any other person, including other people in the class, before, during, or after the exam period. You also agree not to distribute it in the future, in any manner whatsoever. You agree not to post it on bulletin boards, google docs, etc.

5. I will clarify the meaning of questions but will not give any hints.

6. Corrections and/or clarifications will be posted in Piazza. You are responsible for reading the CS 462 group on Piazza on a daily basis during the exam period.

7. The exam is worth 40% of your mark. (For grad students, 35%).

8. There will be approximately 6 problems on the exam. Some problems will be easier than typical homework problems, some will be harder. This is supposed to be a learning experience, and you are not necessarily expected to solve every problem.

9. Don't waste your time proving trivial things in excruciating detail. If something is clear, say so. But don't say something is clear if it really isn't!

10. No printed solutions will be distributed for these problems, but after the end of the exam period I will be happy to sketch solutions for those interested.

11. By taking this exam you agree not to distribute the exam to anyone without consent of the instructor. This includes distributing the exam to current students in the class (who may be taking the exam at a different time than you) or future students in the class. You also agree not to archive the exam in any publicly-accessible way (bulletin board, etc.) Include the following statement in your exam and sign it: "I have followed all the ground rules of this exam."