Computational Techniques in Structural Bioinformatics


CS483/CS683 Winter 2015


Unit numbers prescribe the order of reading.


Units are separated into two sections:

1.   Course notes related to CS483/CS683 content

2.   Extra material for casual reading (not covered in class and not to be used in exams).




Course Notes:



Unit 00: Course Related Information

Unit 01: Protein and RNA Structure Review

Unit 02: Data Sources

Unit 04: Protein Geometry

Unit 05: Protein Overlap and Structural

Unit 5a: Lagrange Multipliers (Supplementary to Unit 5)

Unit 5b: Review of Linear Algebra (Supplementary to Unit 5)

Unit 06: TKI (motivation for Assignment 4)

Unit 07: Distance Geometry

Unit 08: Drug Discovery




Extra Material:



Unit 03: Data File Formats