Andy the Alarm Clock

By Sunjay Varma (CS 488 Spring 2019)

Andy the Alarm Clock

This is Andy the Alarm Clock. Andy is the perfect alarm clock for every young kid who loves robots. He'll have you waking up happy thanks to his friendly smile and waving hands. Need a little motivation in the morning? Andy will swing his whole body and dance all around until you wake up and are ready to go!

That's not all! Andy also comes in four different colors so you can choose your favorite version to keep in your room!

Andy the Alarm Clock Light Blue Andy the Alarm Clock Dark Blue Andy the Alarm Clock Red Andy the Alarm Clock Green

About this image

My scene isn't crazy complex, but I hope it shows a lot of character. This is NOT a 3D model I pulled off the internet. I modelled each part of it by hand in Blender. Everything in the image has a purpose and no detail is thrown in there just to demonstrate a feature of my ray tracer. That being said, the image does use quite a few of the features of my ray tracer including:

There was a great deal of thought and effort put into creating this image and the ray tracer that generated it. I hope that comes across in what you see above!

— Sunjay Varma


This project would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of Professor Gladimir Baranoski, the TAs Petri Varsa and Spencer Van Leeuwen, as well as my wonderful friends from this class who supported me and gave me feedback all along the way.

All of the 3D models in the image were created by me (Sunjay Varma). The only external assets used are the texture for the wallpaper and the texture/normal map for the wooden table.