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CS488/688: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Information for Fall 2018

Stephen Mann; DC2106, Office Hours: T 10:00-11:00.
Teaching Assistants:
Mark Iwanchyshyn; MC 3007, Office Hours: Wed 2-3.
Petri Varsa; MC 3007, Office Hours: Wed 11-12.
Wenhan (Cosmos) Zhu; MC 3007, Office Hours: Wed 4-5.
Standard TA Office Hours:
(see above).
Extra Office Hours Associated with Assignment Deadlines:
Fri Nov 2 1-2 (Steve); Fri Nov 2 2-3 (Mark); Mon Nov 5 10-11 (Petri); Mon Nov 5 11-12 (Cosmos); Mon Nov 5 1-2 (Steve).
Lecture Room and Times:
RCH 308, TTh 8:30-9:50.
Lab Room:
Course Data Directory:
  • CS488/688 Lecture Notes, hardcopy available at DC Library Graphics.
  • Hearn, Baker and Carithers, Computer Graphics with Open GL , Prentice Hall.
Optional, but useful:
  • Blinn, Jim Blinn's Corner , Morgan Kaufmann.
  • Jackie Neider, Tom Davis, Mason Woo, OpenGL Architecture Review Board, OpenGL Programming Guide, Addison Wesley (and Silicon Graphics), (Available online on the SGI machines).
  • Watt and Policarpo, 3D Games, Addison Wesley, 2001. (on reserve at the Dana Porter Library)
Important Dates and Assignment Deadlines:

Code must not be timestamped later than 8:00 AM on the due date.
Documentation may be submitted in the first five minutes of either section.

Assignment 0:
Tuesday, September 18th [Week 2]
Assignment 1:
Thursday, September 27th [Week 3]
Assignment 2:
Thursday, October 11th [Week 5]
Assignment 3:
Thursday, October 25th [Week 7]
Assignment 5a (proposal):
Tuesday, November 6th [Week 9]
Assignment 4:
Thursday, November 8th [Week 9]
Assignment 5b (corrected proposal):
Thursday, November 15th [Week 10]
Assignment 5c (project):
Monday, December 3rd [Week 13]
Project Demonstrations:
Tuesday, December 11th, 9AM-11:30AM. MC 4045

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