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CS488/688 Fall 2020

Project Gallery 2021, 2022

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Welcome to the CS488/688 Project Gallery!

The results presented here were produced by students for their final project. Each student must devise his or her own project. The following are some of the better projects from the course.

If you are a CS488/688 student, we encourage you to contribute images and documentation to this gallery, to make your mark on posterity.

Night Time Street Race
Aliqyan Tapia
Spring 2022

Battle Academia Samira weapon concept
Lydia Choong
Winter 2022

Beemo's Adventure (video)
Kelly Jia
Spring 2021

Suzanne's Debut (video)
Ryan Jian
Winter 2021

[UW] [Math] [CS] [CGL] [Graphics Courses] (Raytracing | Gallery | Models)

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