CS 492/CS 692 W03 Assignment 6B

Evaluation of Assignment 6


During class, on Friday, March 28 2002, the class time will be spent having each student read and evaluate another student's Assignment 6. A form will be provided for the evaluation and it will ask for only very brief comments. The purpose of the exercise is to allow students to see other levels of ability in writing in the class and to learn more about the subject of the social implications of computers.

The evaluation forms handed in will count towards participation marks for the evaluator and will be forwarded to the student who wrote the assignment, as additional feedback, but will not influence the mark of the student on the assignment in any way. The part of the form indicating the name of the  evaluator will be removed before the form is forwarded to the student who wrote the assignment, so that anonymity will be retained.

Last updated Jan. 02, 2003.