CS 492/CS 692 W03 Assignment 7

Evaluation of Role Playing Exercises


This assignment is due in class on Monday March 31 and is worth 5 marks. It should be roughly 750 words in length. Please note that you should be able to start this assignment much earlier in the term; it does not need to be done entirely during the last weekend of the term.

You are to keep a record of the RPEs you attended during the term. First, present a chart indicating which RPEs you attended, also indicating for each RPE whether you generally enjoyed it or not.

Then, choose one RPE other than the one which you completed for grading. First, summarize the position of each of the teams, as presented during the oral presentation to the class. Then, include your own rejoinder to these positions, including your reactions to the statements made, any  questions you would have liked to see the participants address and your own personal opinion on the topic addressed by the RPE. Be sure to construct a coherent argument to present your point of view. Finally, comment on the value of this particular RPE topic and propose any suggested adjustments for the future (including the option to drop this topic entirely, if you feel it was simply not effective).

At the end of the assignment, include any general reactions or advice for the RPE component of CS492.


There are two main purposes of this assignment. The first is to ensure that students are actively participating in RPEs and to provide students with additional opportunity to react to the RPEs. The second is to provide some guidance to the instructor for deciding which RPE topics to retain in the course, in the future.

Please note: the TA will be independently tracking your attendance and participation at RPEs.

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