CS 492/CS 692 W04 Assignment 2

The Electronic Hive


Assignment 2 is due on Tuesday January 20 at 10am. It should be roughly 750 words in length and is worth 5 marks.

Kevin Kelly and Sven Birkerts capture well the two main responses to the new information technologies: surrender and refusal. Discuss where you personally stand with respect to these two extremes. Try to examine the origins of your opinions and to support them with facts and reasoning.

You may find that the topic is simply too big for the amount of space you have, and in order to say anything meaningful you may have to restrict scope somewhat.


This, the second of our short assignments gets you used to expressing an informed opinion in an area where there are no clear answers, no agreements on terms, and the present, let alone the future, is difficult to pin down. It will take some effort on your part not to lapse into cliche or catchphrases, and to avoid simply repeating the arguments of others.

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