CS 492/CS 692 W04 Assignment 5

Using An Electronic Classroom for Course Delivery


This assignment is to be completed in groups of 4 and will be conducted in conjunction with the new Centre for Arts and Technology. It is due on Tuesday March 9 at 10am, should be roughly 2500 words in length and is worth 10 marks. The groups of 4 will be formed by the TA, in consultation with the instructor, making an effort to create groups of equitable ability. All team members will receive the same grade (unless it is determined that someone has failed to contribute sufficiently; students will be asked to verify whether all team members participated adequately).

At the Centre, they have a multimedia classroom that is being used to deliver several courses on campus. Each group will be aligned with one of the instructors of these courses and will learn the intended purpose of the course and its use of the multimedia classroom. All students will be introduced to the actual equipment in the classroom and its capabilities. Each group will complete a report that:


There is a challenge to comprehend the requirements of some non-technical "users" and to describe the existing technology in terms that are easily understood by non-technical people. This assignment will give students the opportunity to work in groups and to brainstorm on how they, as computer scientists, would advise educators about the use of an electronic classroom.

Group Sign Up

Group 1 SPCOMM 225
Group 2 SPCOMM 225
Group 3 DAC 100
Group 4 DAC 100
Group 5 SPCOM 225
Group 6 DAC 100
Group 7 DAC 100
Group 9 DAC 100
Group 10 SPCOMM 225
Group 12 DAC 100
Group 13 DAC 100
Group 14 DAC 100

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