CS 492/CS 692 W04 Role-Playing Exercise 12

Promoting electronic commerce in Canada

Team A

A group of government bureaucrats who feel it is important for our national economy that businesses go on-line to engage in electronic commerce. Their position is that companies in other countries are doing so and if our Canadian businesses do not take part, we will be left behind and the nation's economy will suffer. They want to urge all businesses to engage in e-commerce, either through incentives for doing so or penalties for failing to take part.

Team B

A group of businessmen who feel that e-commerce has yet to prove itself to be an effective medium for business. They feel that consumers are still not yet ready to embrace the technology and as such, it would be prohibitive for businesses to jump into the current market. They advocate that the Canadian government refrain from offering any incentives or penalties to companies, concerning electronic commerce.

Last updated Dec 16, 2003.