CS 492/CS 692 - Advice on Referencing

Some advice on referencing from a W04 teaching assistant:

I have been asked a question about how to reference work. How a work is referenced depends upon the type of work. A good starting point is found on the UW library page at http://ereference.uwaterloo.ca/display.cfm?navbar=uw&categoryID=15

From the URL above, you can jump to the web pages of many of the styles out there.

A useful style is the Modern Languages Association of America (MLA) at http://webster.commnet.edu/mla/index.shtml

Clicking on "Citing Sources" will bring up a sub-menu of the many types of documents one typically encounters. For each type of document, there is an example of the citation.

As well, your software may refer to citations differently. For example, WordPerfect calls citations end notes.

Last revised 3 January 2007.