CS492/692 - Winter 2007 - Assignment 3

The Changing Nature of Work with Computerization: Mobile Devices


Assignment 3 is due on Thursday February 15 at 10:00am. It can be brought to class or deposited in the assignment box prior to this time. It should be roughly 2000 words in length and is worth 13 marks.

Mobile devices currently exist which enable workers to do their jobs "at a distance". Select a few of these devices to discuss. For each of these devices, briefly describe the underlying technology, making clear why this can be viewed as computer science. Elaborate on how these mobile devices are being used in the workplace. Comment on the benefits and drawbacks of using mobile devices for work and conclude with your own comments on how the use of mobile devices for work should evolve in the future and why.


In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to learn how to conduct research on a fairly recent topic, with somewhat fewer sources of well developed research. You will also be exposed to issues regarding the social implication of computers which are very much in the forefront of concerns today in the year 2006. You will, in addition, have the challenge of budgeting the allotted space to discuss the different subtopics required. One caution is to ensure that your essay has ample discussion of the social implications of mobile devices, so that you do not consume most of the pages simply describing the technology.

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