CS 492/CS 692 W07 Role-Playing Exercise 11

Managing the use of e-mail in businesses

Team A

A group of employees in a medium-sized firm who feel that they spend too much time each day processing e-mail received from other employees in the firm. They advocate a clear set of e-mail etiquette rules to curtail the volume and size of e-mail messages being sent and to avoid e-mail being sent needlessly throughout the firm.

Team B

A group of employees at the same firm who feel that it is not possible to develop rules of etiquette for e-mail that are easy to implement. They also feel that precise restrictions on e-mail circulation may prevent the receipt of important, timely information that in fact makes their lives more productive within the firm. They advocate continuing the use of e-mail within the firm without any specific restrictions.

Last updated 3 January 2007